How to Claim a Claimable Prize

Click a button. Yup. It's that simple. But this article will include a picture for you visual learners.

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Note: this article relates to our claimable style of prizes. We also have raffle prizes, ones that involve lucky selection. Check out this help article to learn more about participating in a raffle prize.

Step #0 - Earn Enough Reward Points

In order to claim a prize in BackerClub giveaways, you have to have enough reward points to "purchase" it (note, no actual money is needed to claim). Thus, you'll need some points in your Reward Account to play with. To learn how to earn reward points, check out this help article.

Step #1 - Open the Participation Tool for a Specific Prize

Scroll to the prize you're interested in and click the "Claim this Prize" tool.

screenshot of participation tool for a claimable prize

Step #2 - Click the "Claim" Button

Look, we said it was easy. But here's that picture we promised:

screenshot of claiming a prize

If you don't have enough points in your reward account (or there's some other reason you can't claim the prize), we'll mention this via a red alert in the tool.

screenshot showing an alert that a user can't claim the prize

Step #3 - Jump for Joy and Wait for Additional Info

For some claimable prizes, we will immediately send you an email to notify you of your "purchase" and to mention additional instructions/info (when necessary).

For other claimable prizes, we will wait until the giveaway has closed to send an email with the same type of information.

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