How to Participate in a Raffled Prize

It's as easy as 1-2-3. We'll show you how.

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Note: this article relates to our raffle style of prizes. We also have claimable prizes, ones that can be immediately claimed with points. Check out this help article to learn more about claiming a claimable prize.

So you found an open giveaway with one or more "raffle" prizes that you'd like to win - great! But how do you actually participate? Follow these steps:

Step #0 - Earn Reward Points

In order to participate in BackerClub giveaways, you have to commit reward points to the prizes. Thus, you'll need some points in your Reward Account to play with. To learn how to earn reward points, check out this help article.

Step #1 - Open the Participation Tool for a Specific Prize

Scroll to the prize you're interested in and click the "Participate in this Prize" tool.

prize participation tool screenshot

Step #2 - Commit Points to the Prize

Once it's expanded, you'll see options to "commit" and "reclaim" points. To add points to your prize entry, ensure the "commit" option is selected, then use the slider to increase the number of points you wish to add to your entry, and then click the "Commit Points" button.

Tip: if you have an existing entry for the prize, we will add the number of points you've selected to your entry. For example, if you already had an entry with 100 points committed to the prize and you come back to select 50, you will have 150 points entered to win the prize in total upon clicking the "Commit Points" button.

Step #3 - Verify Your Entry

Once you have an entry for a prize, we'll show you how many points you've committed to winning it.

screenshot of points a user has committed to a prize

Tip: We also show you how many points have been committed to the prize by everyone at BackerClub. You can use this number to gauge your chances of winning the prize.

Step #4 - Wait to See If You Won

Shortly after a giveaway has closed, we will execute the process of selecting prize winners. If you won, you'll receive a personal email to notify you of your winnings and to provide further instructions (when necessary).

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