How to Earn Reward Points

As a member, you have a Reward Account with points. You can use these points to win & claim prizes. Learn more about earning them here.

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Earning BackerClub Reward Points is as simple as using our website and checking out our newsletters as you normally would. In this article, we'll cover the specific actions you can perform that earn a particular number of points.

Note: the amount of reward points earned for each action may change over time. For the most up-to-date info, check out this page.

Register for BackerClub - 100 points

When you sign up and verify your email, we reward you with 100 points to get you started!

Check Out Our Curated Projects - 10 points

BackerClub is all about showcasing crowdfunding's coolest projects while adding excitement to them via exclusive giveaways. Thus, it makes sense for us to reward our users for checking out these projects. However, there are currently 2 specific link locations you can click that will earn you 10 reward points. They are:

The "View on Kickstarter" or "View on Indiegogo" button of a project page on our website.

screenshot of the backerclub website's project page and the button to click to earn points

When browsing our website and looking at projects, you must click the indicated button to earn reward points for viewing a particular project. As the button suggests, this will take you to the actual crowdfunding page for the project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, where you can learn more about it and (hopefully) like it enough to make a pledge.

The Kickstarter/Indiegogo project links in our newsletters.

In our digest and dedicated newsletters, there are 3 specific locations where a click will earn you points for viewing the project. They are indicated via the blue arrows in the following picture:

Thus, by clicking the project's image, title, or "View on Kickstarter" (or "View on Indiegogo") button, you'll receive reward points for checking out the project.

Provide a Project Rating - up to 120 points

Project ratings are a unique aspect of BackerClub. They provide a way for community members to rate (and optionally justify their ratings with reasoning) projects on 4 categories: creator/project confidence, design, eco/ethical responsibility, and value. When you provide a project rating, you'll receive 40 points for the numeric ratings, plus an additional 20 points for each reason you provide (with 4 categories and 4 potential reasons, that can be an additional 80 points, or 120 points in total).

Write a Project Comment on BackerClub's Website - 20 points

The BackerClub staff, project creators, and other members love to see the thoughts you have on a project. Write something (that isn't spam) and you'll get 20 reward points for your .02.

Refer a Friend to BackerClub - 200 points

Each member has a special link they can send to friends, family, and others that is setup to record referrals. If you provide this link to someone and they successfully register (plus verify their email), you'll get 200 points for helping grow our community.

To find your unique referral link, go to your settings page and look at your profile card (shown above). You'll see the link listed there (shown above in green). It follows the format of "", where "XYZ" is your own unique code. With most browsers, you will be able to right-click on your url and then select "Copy Link", where you can then paste it somewhere (text message, social media post, email, etc) to share it with a friend.

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