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How do the BackerClub newsletters work?
How do the BackerClub newsletters work?

Do you want your crowdfunding project showcased in one of our email newsletters sent to thousands of backers? If so, read this article.

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The BackerClub email newsletters are one of our most sought-after services. This article will cover various FAQ's about them.


  • The BackerClub team hand picks the projects that go into each newsletter at our discretion. We focus on quality over quantity.

  • The only thing needed to potentially get your project in a newsletter is to have an active ad campaign on our platform.

  • The best way to ensure your project is included in a newsletter is to sponsor a high quality giveaway to our members.

  • There are no extra charges for our newsletters. Because we operate on a cost-per-click model, we simply charge for the clicks our newsletters contribute to your ad campaign in the same way we charge for clicks originating from our website.

  • We typically send 1 to 3 newsletters per week, meaning we normally showcase 5 to 15 projects per week to our members.

  • Not all projects advertised with BackerClub will get a spot in a newsletter. Projects that never make it into a newsletter will still be advertised on our website and receive valuable click traffic there.

Can I pay for a spot in your newsletter?

Generally speaking, no. We determine which projects go into which newsletters in order to maximize the value of the content for our members.

Just remember that as long as you have an active ad campaign for your project on BackerClub, there's a chance we will pick your project for one of our newsletters at some point.

However, there are currently 2 conditions under which we will consider a special placement:

  1. You sponsor a giveaway for your project to our members. We then showcase your project and the fact that it has a giveaway to our members on our site and (most likely) in a newsletter.

  2. Your project has special considerations that merit a custom sales package. If you think your project falls into this category, feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Do you have multiple newsletters?

Yes. We have two:

  1. A digest newsletter that includes various things: news about things happening with BackerClub or the industry, multiple project showcases, recent giveaway winners, etc.

  2. A dedicated newsletter that provides a detailed showcase of a special project to our community. This is almost exclusively reserved for projects that have a high value giveaway associated with them.

What does a digest newsletter spot look like?

Here's an example of a project spot in our digest newsletter:

digest newsletter project spot example

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