Once your campaign has been approved you can now set up an Ad Campaign. This process is important for BackerClub Creators and must be done for your project to show up on the website and in our newsletters.

The Ad campaign is where you will let us know the details for your promotion like when you want the promotion to start and stop, your Cost Per Click (CPC), and a budget for the CPC.

To set up an Ad Campaign on BackerClub:

To get started:

Login to your BackerClub account.

Click on the project you would like to set up an Ad Campaign for.

You will then be shown your Dashboard for the selected Project.

The next step is to click on the "+ New" button

The following pop up is where you will provide the Ad Campaign Details

A few notes:

  • Cost Per Click - The amount we will charge you each time someone is delivered to your campaign page. This is currently set to a Fixed $1/Click. But in the near future, this will be biddable, meaning you can set this value.

  • Start Date and Time - The date and time (in your local timezone) when your ad campaign will start. Meaning it will be viewable on the website by members and could be included in a newsletter.

  • End Date and time - The date and time (in your local timezone) when your ad campaign will end. Meaning it will no longer be viewable on the website by members and cannot be included in a newsletter.

  • Campaign Budget - (This is optional) You have the option to set a maximum number of dollars the ad campaign will spend. To set the budget, click the "Campaign Bidget" toggle and set a dollar amount (in USD). If the campaign budget is hit, the ad campaign will automatically be turned off and the campaign will no longer be visible.

    • Any remaining budget not used during the ad campaign start and end date will not roll over to the next ad campaign.

You are all set! If you set the start date and time sometime in the future it will start promotion then. If you set the date and time to the present time your dashboard will look like the following:

The Visibility box will be set to "Published" and the "active" column will have a green check box.

A few FAQ's:

  • While it is more common for you to set one ad campaign for the entire length of the campaign, you can create as many ad campaigns as you would like for different times of the project. for instance, you could set up a $500 ad campaign for the first 5 days of the campaign, then a $500 ad campaign for the middle 3 weeks of the campaign, and then a $500 ad campaign for the last week of the campaign. 👍🏻

  • Once an ad campaign ends it cannot be edited. You will need to create a new one.

  • Once your crowdfunding campaign ends we will send you an invoice to be paid for the clicks generated.

  • If your campaign fails to fund or is canceled/suspended we will not invoice you for any clicks.

That's it! Well, there's a bit more to make all the pieces fit together, but this is a "quick intro" after all.

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