Promoting a campaign with BackerClub means showcasing your project to thousands of crowdfunding enthusiasts.

I'm the creator of a crowdfunding project. Give me the basics of BackerClub.

BackerClub is online community with thousands of crowdfunding superbackers.

Our members frequently view our website and the email newsletters we send them.

Promoting in BackerClub means your campaign gets a spot in our website and emails.

It's a BackerClub tradition for creators to offer our members a "special perk" to promote within our Club.

Our members check out your campaign, your special perk, and make a pledge if it interests them.

Ok. So I can pay to showcase my campaign on your website and to be included in these email newsletters?

Precisely. We have a few different promotion options, including a couple that extend beyond our website and emails, but that's the basics.

Alright. What does the process look like?

It's easy:

  1. Creators submit an application to promote their project in our Club. The process is short, simple, and can be completed in about 2 minutes.

  2. We review all applications that come in for quality and accuracy. It usually takes us no more than 24 hours to respond to creators (Monday thru Friday).

  3. If approved, we make your project a new website listing on our Projects page and schedule your email-related promotion(s).

  4. Members see your project from the website and emails, and if it interests them, they may make a pledge to back your campaign.

  5. Once the campaign gets funded, things continue like normal and creators eventually fulfill their campaign (including the special perk to our members).

That makes sense. I pay for a promotion, members see it and pledge, everybody wins.

That's it! Well, there's a bit more to make all the pieces fit together, but this is a "quick intro" after all.

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