For a detailed look at our Special Perk Tradition, including specific examples and how they work, click the button to be taken to our web page devoted to this topic.

In this help article, we will provide a synopsis of this topic as a quick overview.

Most Important Things to Know:

  • Special perks are a BackerClub tradition, and one must be offered to our members to advertise your project in our community.

  • Monetary discounts, free add-on items, and coupons to your existing ecommerce store are our most popular perk types.

  • Special perks are retroactive, as a member could simply drop their current pledge and re-pledge to claim the special perk.

  • BackerClub's website will track our member's pledging for your campaign so that you know exactly who to provide the special perk reward to.

A Flexible Tradition

Since 2014, it has been a tradition for creators to offer a special incentive (aka, a special perk or special reward) to our members in order to promote a campaign within the community. As a creator, the special perk you offer can be tailored to match your campaign, the product(s) you're launching, your budget, and your post-campaign operations.

Your Member Dashboard

When approved, you will have access to a creator dashboard which will show you the list of BackerClub members who have supported your project. This will make fulfillment of the add-ons or upgrades very easy. This page will list some common special perk types to get your creative juices flowing.

Great Perks = More Backers

Please keep in mind that the special perk you choose has an impact on whether or not your project will be accepted. Since only 3 in 10 submissions to BackerClub are approved to join the community, this is an important component worth giving careful consideration to. After all, the more generous your reward is, the stronger response will likely be from the Club. A super deal will encourage those who might otherwise be on the fence to get in there and pledge. So, be GENEROUS and CREATIVE!

Special Perk Types

  • Monetary Discount

  • Free Add-On Item

  • Survey Credit

  • Ecommerce Coupon

  • Exclusive Personalization

  • Giveaway Items via Contest

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