The best time is before your campaign has gone live on the crowdfunding platform. Preferably, about a week before is ideal. Here's why:

  • Submitting during pre-launch allows us to review your submission, ask any questions we need answered, and if approved, finalize the submission process with you in time before you launch.

  • Getting things setup up before launch day allows us to pre-schedule your promotion email(s), meaning we can coincide your launch with our promotions for greater impact.

  • Getting maximum exposure at launch time is better than promotion in the middle of your campaign. It's best to come out of the gate swinging, as any early momentum you can grab will pay dividends for the rest of the campaign due to bandwagon effect.

  • It's a BackerClub tradition for creators to offer our members a "special perk". These perks are retroactive in nature (as a backer can drop and re-pledge at any moment to claim the perk), so promoting from the very start means fewer retroactive perks to worry about.

Our website will accept valid "preview" links for your campaign campaign. To learn more, click here.

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