You sure can. We actually recommend it!

To submit an application for a campaign that isn't live yet, you'll need to provide our system with a "preview" link.

To do this on Kickstarter, please follow these instructions:

To do this on Indiegogo, please follow the instructions described in the "Option To Share Your Draft Campaign With Others" section of this help article:

Once you've created a working preview link, simply use that during our promotion application process and everything should work just fine.

Troubleshooting tip:
If you're trying to submit an application for a campaign in a preview/draft stage and it's not working, create a preview link using the instructions above and then attempt to open that link in an "incognito" browser window. If the incognito browser can't access your preview link, our system can't either. However, if the incognito browser can access your preview link but it's still not working for BackerClub, just shoot us a message and we'll try to sort it out with you.

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